Premis Neptú 2021

Ajuntament d’Igualada


2 colours handmade silkscreen printed on handmade paper.

Edition of 100 pieces – Signed and numbered – 30x43cm


Trophy / gift for all sports clubs, organizations and schools in the city in recognition of keeping sport alive during the difficult year 2020, and which would be delivered at the gala of the Neptú Awards 2021.

2 colours handmade silkscreen printed in the workshop of PLAGGI on a handmade paper made in the Museu Molí Paperer de Capellades. The video is a work by Marc Calichs and it was shown during the Neptune Awards gala and I talk about my relationship with sport, the process of making the artwork, etc.

I wanted to represent the team spirit, the union and the strength of the set, placing the athletes representing the different clubs and schools of Igualada in a kind of puzzle where they fit in.