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Xavier Mula studio is an illustration and design studio from Igualada, Barcelona.

His work focus on editorial, advertising and visual communication. Xavier Mula also works as a teacher at La Gaspar Design School in Igualada (Barcelona).
His versatile style allows him to tackle a great variety of works, but always with his predominant style: vibrant and bold colors, with a direct, identifiable and playful language.

His illustration style is always full of energy, but it’s energy that’s always controlled skillfully, making it all the more powerful as a result.

He also works with multiple collaborators from different disciplines in order to achieve the best result for the client.

His work has been awarded in several competitions, which stand out the Gold Laus 2014 (Spain) // Museum and the Web Award 2014 (USA) // Junceda Award 2014 (Spain) // the selection in Ibero-American Catalog of Illustration 2016 (Mexico) // Ijungle Illustration Awards 2018.


HarperCollins, Editorial SM, Pearson, El País, Oxford University Press, Forbes, Spainmedia, Generalitat de Catalunya, Sapiens, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Barcelona en Comú, Naratek Mag, TC Media, esMADRIDmagazine, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Edicions del Periscopi, Diputació de Barcelona, URBACT, Òmnium Cultural, Escola Nova 21, Ediciones Castillo, Rayo Verde editorial, Editorial Cruïlla, Ara llibres, El Malpensante, Surtdecasa, MMP Capellades, Ajuntament d’Igualada, La Directa newspaper, among others.


LeCool magazine – 2014

Surtdecasa – 2016

Premis Neptú – 2021

Un periodista de bolsillo – 2022


  • 2021 –Selected on the World Illustration Awards Shortlist of the Association of illustrators.
  • 2019 – Bronze medal in the ÑH19 awards for the illustrations of Core business section of Forbes magazine.
  • 2018 – Commercial merit award winner of Ijungle Illustration awards
  • 2016 – A’ Design Award & Competition award in Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design categories for Mapping Taüll 1123 project – Italy
  • 2016 – Selected for VI Catálogo Iberoamericano de Ilustración – SM Foundation, El Ilustradero y Feria internacional del libro de Guadalajara, México
  • 2015 – First prize in the Igualada city awards of graphic design– Gaspar Camps Award – Igualada. Spain
  • 2014 – Gold Laus first prize on the audiovisual category for Mapping Taüll 1123 project – ADG/FAD Barcelona
  • 2014 – Junceda illustration award first prize on the Outreach and Science category for Mapping Taüll 1123 project – APIC Catalonia
  • 2014 – First prize in the Museums and the Web awards with Mapping Taüll 1123 project – Baltimore ( USA )
  • 2014 – Pocket Gamer Bronze award for Necklace of Skulls interactive book – UK
  • 2013 – First prize in the Igualada city awards of digital arts – Igualada. Spain