Project selected on the on the World Illustration Awards 2021 Shorlist of the Association of illustrators!

‘Sentit comú’ poster

Barcelona en comú


I was commissioned by ‘Barcelona en Comú’ political party to create a poster to illustrate a message ‘Sense planeta no hi ha vida’ (‘Without planet, there is no life’) to talk about the need to fight against the climate emergency and the changes that will come in the future, expressed through a powerful, combative and hopeful image.

The poster was used for the advertising campaign and was printed in A0 format and shown in many parts of the city of Barcelona, ​​as well as digitally on the website and social networks. The poster was part of a campaign called campaign called ‘Sentit Comú'(‘Common sense’), where some illustrators represented different current problems of our society (public health, habitat, tourism, etc.)